13.5.1 Liquid Daily Multivitamin Supplement

What is 13.5.1:

A liquid daily multivitamin supplement formulated with 13 vitamins, 5 minerals, and 1 bioflavonoid complex.


What it tastes like:
Lightly flavored with a natural raspberry flavoring, that tastes like berries. It can be mixed with 4-8oz of water, if you need to dilute it.


How to use:
One teaspoon daily, with or without food. You can also take it on its own or mix it in a glass of water.   In periods of stress or when your diet isn’t at its healthiest, take 2 teaspoons daily: 1tsp in the am, and 1tsp in the pm.


Why Dr. L made it a liquid:
Research studies have shown that liquid supplements may absorb faster and more efficiently into our bodies.


What it is formulated with and why:

  • DL.MD 13.5.1 Multivitamin contains 13 vitamins, 5 minerals and 1 bioflavonoid complex. 

  • Bioflavonoid help the transport or activity of Vitamin C throughout the body and are a potent antioxidant.

  • Vitamin A helps maintain healthy vision and many other parts of the body.

  • Vitamin C plays an important role in the maintenance of collagen, cells and blood vessels. 

  • Vitamin D3 helps the body properly use calcium & phosphorus to help build and maintain healthy bones.

  • Vitamin E in our formula is a mix of tocopherols and tocotrienols. It plays an important role in helping maintain the health of your cardiovascular system and skin. 

  • Vitamin K1 plays an important role in helping maintain bone and heart health.

  • All B Vitamins are water soluble and any excess is excreted; it must be replaced daily, plus B Vitamins are more  effective together than separate so we've added the family. 

    • Vitamin B1 - helps turn the food you eat into energy and is important for the normal function and maintenance of the cells in your body. Vitamin B1 is an antioxidant.
    • Vitamin B2 - helps in the maintenance and function of the skin, blood cells and other vital organs. Vitamin B2 is an antioxidant.
    • Vitamin B3 - helps maintain healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels and helps maintain healthy-looking skin. Vitamin B12 is an antioxidant.
    • Vitamin B6 - involved in protein metabolism. Essential to the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B6 is an antioxidant.
    • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamine) - required for red blood cell formation, maintenance of healthy neurological function, and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 is an antioxidant. Methylcobalamine is preferred to Cyanocobalamin as the former is more bioidentical to the B12 forms occurring in human physiology and animal foods. 
    • Vitamin B5 - necessary to convert food into energy, maintaining proper functioning of the adrenal glands, helping release energy & making red blood cells. Vitamin B5 is an antioxidant. 

  • Biotin which helps promote and maintain hair, skin and nail health. It also works well with Vitamins B2, B6, B3 and A to maintain healthy-looking skin.

  • We chose Methylfolate, instead of folic acid, because it is a bioavailable form of folate and best absorbed by the body. It is needed in the human body to form healthy blood cells, especially red blood cells.


What it is formulated without:

  • Preservatives
  • Artificial fillers
  • Artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

Giving Back

Your support of our business gives life-saving vitamin supplements to children in need.We believe business can be a force for good. We believe that good nutrition, especially in childhood, delivers important lasting gains.

Each year, more than 2 million children under 5 years of age die due to malnutrition. We believe in helping to give a healthy start for vulnerable children. DLMD helps support nutritional programs and vitamin supplementation for those in need. We help deliver Vitamin A, Iron and other critical micronutrients to children and pregnant women.