DL.MD is a radical departure from the status quo and dedicated to bringing you wellness solutions for optimal health. 

Developed by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, sometimes known as Dr. L, a medical doctor with a lifelong passion for healing the body from within and nutrition for optimal health. She is passionate about finding natural solutions and has been creating organic products since 2004.

Born from her own experience of taking 15 supplements a day and discovering the limited FDA regulation in the supplement industry, Dr. L took it up on herself to create her own dietary supplements. She created 13.5.1 Liquid Daily Multivitamin Supplement for herself, and everyone else out there who wants clean, highly absorbable, and effective health solutions.

DLMD is committed to bringing supplements that will absorb quickly, dissolve easily when mixed with water and are easy to take. All of our products are made without fillers, artificial sweeteners and gluten-free. Every formula is 3rd Party tested and verified to ensure accuracy and transparency. Most importantly, all our products will have you feeling great with more energy, better digestion, and great sleep, skin and mood. The way you should feel every single day.