DL.MD is a radical departure from the status quo and dedicated to you. Behind the brand are dedicated scientists by profession, naturalists by heart, who are committed to safety, efficacy, and innovation. 

It is created by Dr. L, a medical doctor with a lifelong passion for healing the body from within, and nutrition for optimal health. She is a passionate woman who has been creating organic products since 2004.

After finding out that there is no FDA regulation in the supplement industry, Dr. L took it upon herself to create her own multivitamin. She created it for herself and for everyone out there who wants a safe and highly absorbable liquid multivitamin that is effective and nourishing.

No one should have to take 15 different supplements a day, which is why DL.MD is formulated with the 13 essential vitamins that your body needs. And most importantly, 13.5.1 was created as a liquid for maximal absorption. It has the best rating when it comes to absorption since our bodies only absorb 3-20% of nutrients from pills and gummies compared to 98% from liquid multivitamins.

The liquid supplement has undergone independent lab testing to make sure they contain the percentage of ingredients that is written on the label. DL.MD is all that you need, nothing that you don’t!