13.5.1 Liquid Daily Multivitamin Supplement

What is 13.5.1:

A liquid daily multivitamin supplement formulated with 13 vitamins, 5 minerals, and 1 bioflavonoid complex.


What it tastes like:
Lightly flavored with a natural raspberry flavoring, that tastes like berries. It can be mixed with 4-8oz of water, if you need to dilute it.


How to use:
One teaspoon daily, with or without food. You can also take it on its own or mix it in a glass of water.   In periods of stress or when your diet isn’t at its healthiest, take 2 teaspoons daily: 1tsp in the am, and 1tsp in the pm.


Why Dr. L made it a liquid:
Research studies have shown that liquid supplements may absorb faster and more efficiently into our bodies.


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