D3.2.1 Vitamin D3 Sunshine Oral Spray

What is D3.2.1:
This is sunshine in a bottle! An oral Vitamin D3 spray that delivers 2000 IUs of vitamin D3 in 2 sprays. Sunshine Spray supports a healthy immune system that’s all-year round and convenient.


What is in it:

An oral spray that provides 2000IUs of vitamin D3, a rich source of Vitamin K2 as a cofactor and MCT oil to support absorption. Each bottle holds about 75 servings.

What it tastes like:
Lightly flavored with a natural orange-cranberry flavor.

How to use it:
Spray 2 pumps orally daily.

Why Dr. L made it:
1 in 2 people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency and Dr. L wanted to give you an easy way to supplement your vitamin D levels daily.

Giving Back

Your support of our business gives life-saving vitamin supplements to children in need.We believe business can be a force for good. We believe that good nutrition, especially in childhood, delivers important lasting gains.

Each year, more than 2 million children under 5 years of age die due to malnutrition. We believe in helping to give a healthy start for vulnerable children. DLMD helps support nutritional programs and vitamin supplementation for those in need. We help deliver Vitamin A, Iron and other critical micronutrients to children and pregnant women.