Why take liquid supplements? Why not pills or gummies?

Why more people are turning to liquid supplements over pills?

It would be safe to assume that taking supplements can only be a positive thing, saving you time and boosting your vitamin levels, making them a great way to ensure you're getting all your essential nutrients. But it turns out it's actually a bit more complicated than that, because the way you take those supplements can have a significant impact on their effectiveness.

It's big news, because if you're aiming to optimize your health by taking vitamins on top of your regular diet, then you also want to be optimizing the nutritional value you get from them. Shockingly, very few supplements offer information on their levels of bio-availability, which indicates exactly how much of a supplement is actually absorbed by the body. That's because not all vitamin brands measure up in this respect, particularly pill and gummy supplements, which break down in the body slowly. According to independent testers like Consumer Lab, common pill-form multivitamins won't fully disintegrate in the body even after an hour of taking them; in contrast, liquid vitamins bypass the digestive process altogether and can be in the bloodstream in a matter of minutes.

So what are the consequences of this? Solid supplements can fail to properly release their ingredients, meaning their efficiency as a source of nutrients is reduced. The body absorbs approximately 98 percent of the contents of a liquid product, whereas typically the body only takes in about 20 percent of the vitamins from a pill supplement.

Think about that for a moment. Can you imagine buying a beauty product and only getting to use 20 percent of it? Or a gym membership that only gives you access for 20 percent of the month? With any other purchase, you'd be hard-pressed to believe that level of wastage was really worth the cost.

Plus, while this kind of malabsorption is an issue for any consumer, it's especially problematic for health-conscious buyers losing out on a much­ needed a boost to their active lifestyle.

No-fuss fuel

And, surprisingly, this isn't even the only issue with solid supplement products. Gummy vitamins and chewables are marketed as more accessible than pills, but it's no coincidence that they look and taste like candy. They're often full of chemical flavor enhancers, are lower in nutritional value and higher in sugar and calories than their liquid counterparts. While pills and capsules mostly avoid this problem, they are usually bulky and difficult to swallow, making them a chore, especially when you end up taking several at once because they're not offering you optimum nutrition. Instead, liquid vitamins like DL.MD aims to be clean, simple sources of vitamins and minerals that pack a punch when it comes to delivering their ingredients to your diet. No-fuss, no unnecessary extras in the form of added sugars or dissolvable pill casings, just vital fuel for your body.

Going with the flow

These days, we're all living busy lifestyles with constantly shifting priorities, but our health - as the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built - is one constant in it all. Naturally, we want a diet supplement that's going to reflect our need for flexibility in a fast-paced world. This is where DL.MD's liquid innovation can be tailored specifically to your needs, taking into account many different variables, from the content of your food, to your sleep patterns and stress levels.

Unlike fixed-dosage vitamins such as pills and gummies, the way you take your liquid supplement can be changed based on all these considerations. If you're feeling particularly run down, have had a week of unhealthy eating or a sleepless few days because of work, you can adjust your multivitamin intake to compensate, upping it to two teaspoons a day. Meanwhile, on those days when you're feeling on top of your game, one teaspoon will do. Water-soluble vitamins are processed so quickly by your body there's little chance of over­ dosing. That way, when you need a little bit extra support, DL.MD can offer it - by the spoonful.

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