Amazing Hair, Great Skin, and Pearly White Teeth? You Need To Start Getting Healthy on the Inside.

Forget primer, here’s why getting the right vitamins should be the first step in your beauty regime.

Let’s talk about the phrase ‘beauty is only skin-deep’. It’s a problematic one because it doesn’t recognize that outer beauty is fundamentally connected to inner health. When we take care of our bodies, giving them the right support, supplying them with everything they need to function optimally, the results are naturally reflected in the way we look. Sounds straightforward, right? It shouldn’t be rocket science, and yet so many of us end up spending more time on the finishing touches of looking great – clothes, hairstyle, makeup - without paying attention to getting the basics right.

That’s why you’ll find DL.MD in Sephora, right beside all your favorite beauty brands, because one of the best beauty tips you can master is building on your natural assets. And that doesn’t just mean becoming an expert in contouring or signing up for another spin class, but also providing the perfect foundation for a gorgeous body by ensuring you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals.   

Recipe for success

So what exactly are the essential beauty nutrients and what do they do?

A healthy, nutritious diet impacts our appearance literally from head to toe. That colleague that seems to have near-constant good hair days? Trust us, they’re not just blessed. It’s simply that our locks are a crucial indicator of our wellbeing. Glossy hair full of bounce has a good dose of B and E vitamins behind it, while Vitamin D activates hair follicles to promote growth and biotin is a key component for preventing hair loss, keeping your mane thick and full.  We find all these in a well-balanced diet, but quality multivitamins like DL.MD also help support our intake when we’re not managing to get enough nutrients.

As for our toes, mani-pedis are only as good as the nails they’re performed on, and the first and foremost strategy for keeping those in top condition is also down to diet. Weak nails are a sign of B12 deficiency, while good magnesium and iron levels are also super important for strength and growth. Maintain healthy levels of these and you can wave flaky, brittle nails goodbye. 

“Look after yourself from within, and your beauty will shine through on your skin,” says model Shanina Shaik and – take it from someone who makes their living by them – a beauty secret is often as easy as giving our inside what it craves. Blemishes, puffiness, dry patches – the list of ailments when it comes to the body’s largest organ, our skin, is never-ending, and so many are signs that we’re lacking something in our diet. Collagen, for example, isn’t just an ingredient found in creams and injections, but is a naturally occurring substance that reduces wrinkles and keeps complexions looking smooth and youthful – except your body can’t produce or store it without the help of Vitamin C. In the same vein, Vitamin A assists with skin repair and Vitamin K targets scars, stretch marks and dark under eye circles. 

What’s amazing in all this is that the first move towards banishing breakouts and locking in glowing skin is so much simpler than a ten-step skincare routine you have to watch a tutorial just to get right. All you have to do is start prioritizing your diet and supporting it, when necessary, with the right tools.

As we’ve thoroughly debunked the phrase ‘beauty is only skin-deep’ let’s tear down another common idiom: ‘Beauty is pain’. Whoever said that didn’t know much about biology, because feeling great – fit, healthy and energized from the inside out – really is the best route to looking great too.


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