The Importance and Wonders of Vitamin C

Cold curer, collagen creator and all-round clever component: Here's to the wonders of Vitamin C

There's a reason why, out of the long list of essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need, Vitamin C is probably the one you hear about the most. This nifty little micronutrient is like a supercharged shot of fighting fitness, combating all number of unpleasant but all-too-common physical complaints. But unlike many animals, we can't produce our own Vitamin C, instead, we have to seek it out in our diets. And make no mistake, if you're looking at maximizing the health benefits of all your key nutrients, this vital ingredient is a great place to start.

Amazing antioxidants

Much more than just something you find in oranges, or a 19th -century cure for scurvy, keeping yourself well-stocked in Vitamin C is about taking a preventative attitude towards your health and wellness rather than a reactive one. Plenty of us are guilty of only turning to the stuff when we already feel the sniffles coming on, but preempting viruses like the common cold by making sure we're maintaining our Vitamin C levels day-to-day is a far more effective strategy. Working as a strong antioxidant that supports your immune system, it protects us from harmful molecules and bolsters your body's natural defenses. By increasing the levels of antioxidants in your blood it can also banish the free radicals linked to a lot of chronic illnesses.

And while we're on the preventative power of this magic vitamin, there's a whole bunch of other serious issues it can help guard against. According to a pooled analysis of nine studies published on the National Institutes of Health website, people taking a daily dose of Vitamin C had a lower risk of heart disease by as much a 25 percent compared to people who went without. As well as being linked to lower levels of cholesterol, evidence suggests that Vitamin C assists in maintaining low blood pressure and looks after your joints, stopping a build-up of uric acid that can lead to arthritis-related problems.

Even better, Vitamin C isn't just a powerhouse ingredient in its own right. It also ensures your body will be getting the elements it needs elsewhere, as it assists with iron intake. So if you're prone to iron deficiency - and approximately 10 million Americans already lack sufficient levels of this key mineral - a good amount of Vitamin C will help avoid the development of anemia, encouraging your body's absorption of the iron that naturally occurs in your diet.

Glow factor

As if doing all this for your insides isn't enough, it looks after your external attributes as well. There's an important reason why you'll find our supplement stocked on the shelves of a beauty retailer like Sephora alongside skincare products. Micronutrients are as good a beauty secret as any when you look at what they can do. Known as an anti-aging component, Vitamin C acts as a tonic for the skin, assisting in the formation of collagen, the protein that keeps our skin looking firm, soft and youthful. As well as giving you glowing skin it can also be used to improve acne and prevent hyperpigmentation.

The beauty tips don't stop there, because Vitamin C is also the key to many a good hair day. Its collagen-producing properties and the improved levels of iron absorption it offers contribute to hair growth and fullness, giving you thick, shiny tresses.

Whether looking to enhance your beauty regime or keep your immune system in top condition, drawing on the power of Vitamin C is a no-brainer, making this clever component a crucial ingredient in our supplements.

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