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The Story Behind the Supplement

When Dr. L, the founder of DL.MD began looking into taking supplements, she made an unnerving discovery. Despite high standards of regulation in the US medical industry, the FDA plays no part in monitoring the quality of multivitamins and dietary supplements on the market. It seemed strange to her that a product designed to offer health support could be sold with no medical expertise behind it - and the consequences of this oversight are everywhere. A new age of snake oil sees products being peddled that aren't checked for toxins or other harmful ingredients or whose potency are negligible.

But the glut of low-quality products wasn't the only problem Dr. L discovered with the supplement industry. While historically we've had a concern about vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as we embrace an increasingly full, busy lifestyle we're turning to more and more substitutions for a healthy diet and comprehensive fitness regime, and the results are actually overmedication. We can easily end up overloading our bodies with unnecessary and unwanted substances in an attempt to maximize our nutritional intake. The balancing act of giving our body exactly what we need with minimum waste is a challenge, but one that Dr. L was up to facing.

Smashing the status quo

She set her mind to creating her own multivitamin, one that met the high standards of a qualified medical professional, but that would also work for everyone looking to access optimum nutrition in their day-to-day lives. No one should have to take 15 supplements a day, so DL.MD hits the 13 key nutrients our bodies need all in one safe, highly absorbable liquid multivitamin. This background makes DL.MD a radical departure from the status quo - it's a brand formulated by the minds of scientists with the souls of naturalists, meaning they understand the importance of rigorous quality control but also how to best serve the fundamental needs of the human body.

Efficiency is one of DL.MD's priorities, both in terms of its form and function. Our bodies absorb 98 percent of the content of a liquid multivitamin like DL.MD, making it highly effective with little loss of key ingredients upon digestion. In comparison, pill and gummy-form vitamins hold a mere three to 20 percent absorption rate, resulting in a drain on your body, your time and your money. But the DL.MD's 'no BS' ethos doesn't stop there. The product is thoroughly tested by independent labs to ensure that the information provided on the label is completely accurate, giving you the assurance that you'll be getting everything you need and nothing you don't.

Protecting more than your health

Plus, that zero-waste approach isn't just about what you're consuming. Not only is DL.MD stored in Miron glass, a highly preservative material that stops vitamin deterioration better than almost all others, but it's fully recyclable, as is all DL.MD's external and shipping packaging. As a brand DL.MD, therefore, aims to sustain your wellbeing, while remaining completely sustainable.

And while we're protecting the planet, let's protect people too. Dr. L is firmly committed to saving vulnerable children from the tragic side effects of vitamin deficiency, supporting Vitamin A supplementation programs for those in need - so when you use DL.MD, you're doing the same. For every product purchased, DL.MD provides one month of nutritional supplementation for an at-risk child. Good Vitamin A support helps maintain strong immune systems and prevents vision impairment, meaning that together we can fight childhood blindness.

DL.MD recognizes that the modern, multi-tasking consumer wants a product that hits all the bases: A vitamin supplement that enriches our bodies, our minds, and our beauty - all while helping the wider world. Holistic thinking is a cornerstone of DL.MD's identity and that's why you'll find it in beauty store favorite, Sephora. That it's sitting on shelves next to the biggest thing in bronzers and eyeshadow palettes is no coincidence. We know that a healthy diet with the right nutrition is just the foundation we need to be our best selves, and once we've aced that, the rest is just a bonus. Because what happens when we embrace health and wellness as an everyday part of life? That's precisely the moment we start getting the most out of it.

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