Why take supplements?

Supplements: The simple science behind why they make so much sense

We’ve long since wised up to checking food labels to find out how many calories make up our day-to-day diet. But are we smart enough about how we consume these calories? The question of quality is as important as quantity and studies show that a majority of Americans are overfed but undernourished. While words like malnutrition might conjure up images of hunger and empty plates, it’s actually been a rising problem in the States for years and the source – the epidemic that plagues the American diet – is known as micronutrient deficiency. It’s the curse not of eating too little, but instead of not consuming enough of the stuff we really need to be happy, thriving human beings.  

Essential nutrients mostly made up of key vitamins and minerals, have become increasingly difficult for the U.S. population to access, swapped out for easy, instant processed foods. The result? A staggering 85 percent of Americans do not consume the FDA’s recommended daily intake of basic foodstuffs that ensure healthy physical and mental development.

But if nutrition deficiency is so common, is it really such a big deal? There’s no escaping that the little choices we make every day add up to shape our lifestyles in a major way, making all the difference to how much we get out of our bodies. Fueling ourselves with the right nutrients helps us stay at the top of our game and in turn makes sure we get the absolute most out of life. The fallout of not giving our bodies everything they need to succeed, on the other hand, can be scary.

Each vitamin serves its purpose – Vitamin D, for example, prevents muscle pain, while Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin healthy and Vitamin C keeps you from feeling tired and rundown. If your body finds itself short of any of these, both your inner and outer health will suffer, leaving you feeling sick, weak and fatigued. Plus, even small deficiencies in our diets, which might not give outward signs, can be making long-term negative changes to our bodies without us realizing.  

Yet if they’re so important, why are so many Americans missing out on their optimum vitamin and mineral intake? Changes in the way we live have made convenience a necessary factor in how we choose everything – from the way we work out to what we eat – and busy lives can often leave us lagging behind when it comes to keeping track of how we nurture, or neglect, our wellness. It might seem crazy when fresh, nutritious ingredients are just a grocery store away, but existing in the modern world in a positive and productive way means that we need more support than ever when it comes to our health.  

Optimizing our diet to offset this is the primary way to combat micronutrient deficiency, but what steps does that actually involve? As well as a well-balanced diet, you can avoid losing out on key vitamins with supplements that target the core nutrients needed for everyone, whether they want to elevate their fitness, support cognitive function or simply keep themselves in prime condition for all the challenges life throws at them.

Put to the test

But if processed foods are the problem, isn’t taking supplements just putting another set of chemicals into your body? This is where making smart, informed choices comes in, because not all vitamins are created equal. In fact, there is a real danger of opting for low-quality supplements that can actually end up harming your health rather than promoting it. Some dietary supplements can be contaminated and uncertified by medical authorities because there is no FDA regulation in the industry. Always check that your supplement is tested by independent labs. DL.MD is thoroughly screened for heavy metals, lead, cadmium and arsenic before coming to market and it’s also tested to ensure that the percentage of ingredients written on the label is accurate, offering full transparency.  

Bringing us back to that issue of quality: It isn’t just about the food you eat, but also the supporting sources of vitamins and minerals that you use. If you’re investing in your health and wellbeing with dietary supplements, then it’s important to invest in a brand that’s going to offer you premium bio-energy without any hidden ingredients, side effects or inefficiencies.

The DL.MD philosophy is just about that, a no BS policy that also recognizes the importance of living holistically, with every element – from health to beauty and mental wellness – interlinked. The great news is that when all these pillars stand strong, properly nurtured and supported, we have everything we need to succeed.   


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